COMING UP! Yoga & Chinese Meridians Workshop, with Pernille Christensen

Sunday, November 6th, 14.30 – 17.30 (then stay for satsang at 18.00!)

Yoga Community @ Svaha – Begijnensteeg #1unnamed-1.jpg

€35 – please email to register:

Did you ever realize that your flexibility in Trikonasana reflects your ability to deal smoothly with boundaries, towards the world, other people, yourself… that Fish pose is actually about letting go, of people, things and events from the past, and about accepting the grief connected with releasing outworn attachments…?

This workshop will outline the main meridians in the human body, explaining their physical as well as psychological significance, letting the participants experience the meridian flow through simple exercises.

Focusing on meridian energy flow while relaxing and releasing into a pose makes it easier to “feel” the intended alignment. A sudden burst of energy often rushes thought the targeted meridian when the pose is held correctly.

The workshop is suitable for anyone looking for a more immediate connection with their body in everyday life. The exercises are simple and do not require great flexibility.


unnamedAbout Pernille Christensen:

Originally trained as a scientist, Pernille turned her analytical mind to the realms of Chinese Medicine, in her quest to explain the profound effects that yoga and meditation have on physical and mental well-being.

Finding an answer in the Chinese Meridian Theory, she now runs a private acupuncture practice in Leusden, near Amersfoort, and also teaches weekly Sivananda yoga classes.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”
Chinese Proverb


About YogaCommunity

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